What is fun?

Fun is a combination of inner and external motivation.

Take Your Dance to the Next Level – the Fun Way

One class or tutorial, it's not a system.
You need to have 100 classes.

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Why Portals Dance is unique


No more boring repetitions

Learning how to dance is very easy.
You just need to jump into the portal.


An effective method

A portal is a metaphor for a personal challenge, dance workout or practice.
It's better to make one challenge than listen to 100 tips.


Easy to learn any dance style using the portals dance method

You will understand how to read dance, how to improvise and how to grow as a dancer.


The software for dancers

Portals Dance is a web app that helps to improve and organize dance practice. You can create portals for different themes. A portal for learning a specific concept, a portal for learning choreography or style, a portal when you dance along with your favorite dancer



A creative coach in your pocket

Hi! My name is Roman, I am a CEO of an IT company, web developer, gamification expert, actor, musician and dancer. I learned how to dance when I was 30 years old using the portals method.
I know the struggle when you learn something new, and I will be here to answer any questions.


Develop Creativity and Imagination

Portals use metaphor game mechanics that help to train imagination. Every portal has a unique and fun theme. In life, you dance, and in the portal.... it could be anything...


Stay motivated and track your progress

You'll learn how to apply game mechanics to daily life and boost your motivation. By tracking your progress, you are creating a game around your learning process.


Tutorials for beginners
Software for dancers
Unique method
Creative coach
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