Road To Success In Dance

Hi! My name is Roman, I am a founder of Portals Dance.
I can teach you how to improvise in 1 hour. Before we start,
let me show you the illustration “Road to Success.”
Authors use visualization and metaphor to show how we can achieve success and what obstacles to expect along the way.
We can use this same illustration for any discipline.
Originally it was for business, this illustration is for music and in our case, let's use this illustration for dance.

Let us consider that “success”
in dance is a state where you
enjoy dancing.

The path to success can go in two ways.
As shown in the illustration, we either get on a train that symbolizes using the RIGHT SYSTEM. Or we travel to the top on our own without a system.
In my experience learning how to dance, I started without a good system. I slipped off the track into the “bad memory” section.

But, when I discovered the right system for success (the portals method), I reached the top of the mountain with pleasure and excitement.

What makes the “right system” right?

What is the essence of the right system?
We need to create a context for our discussion before we define what is right.
For example, if we want to develop our creativity...

What would we do?
Do you develop creativity by simply copying other people’s choreography? No.
This would be considered the wrong system for developing creativity.
Because of this, in Portals Dance, we learn how to create our own moves, rather than simply copying other people's choreography.
This is the right system.

Learning how to create moves based on concepts is the right system to develop creativity in dance.

Imagine that you have only
15 minutes a day
to practice dance.

If you spend this time only copying someone else's moves - eventually, you will become a great dancer.
But you will depend on someone else and will not have developed your creative muscle.
Your motivation will be low.
If you spend the same time creating your own moves and playing with fundamental dance concepts - eventually, you will become a great dancer, but you will be an independent dancer.
Your inner game will be much more interesting.
Your motivation will grow with time.
There are dancers who know how to improvise, but they cannot create their own choreography.  
Another type of dancer can only dance to other people's choreography.
Portals Dance creates a third type of dancer - one who loves improvisation and knows how to create their own choreography.
Trust the system.
Focus more on improvisation and creating your own choreography than on copying, and eventually, you will be rewarded.





Lifetime Support

I know the struggle when you learn something new, and I will be here to help you and answer any questions.
My goal is to give you a confidence in what you are doing and approve your direction.


The software for dancers

Portals Dance helps you create a “path” that tells the story of your transformation and increases motivation.


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Dance is a gamification of workout. You will learn how to create fun around your practice.


It's not only about dance

You can apply the portals dance method and learn anything you want.


Develop creativity

Portal Dance trains the imagination through metaphors.


Boost motivation

The system is very simple - dance every step and track your progress. Soon you will notice how your dance will improve with every finished portal.

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