Powerful method

Portal is a metaphor for your dance challenge
Every portal has certain amount of steps
Dance every step and track your progress

How does it work

Desktop and Mobile illustration

Choose a dance challenge theme

Portal is a metaphor for your dance challenge.
You can create a portal for learning choreography.
Another portal for drills. Portal for tracking your dance practice. Portal for creating choreography etc.
You can experiment with portals the way you want. There is no limitation in how you can use portals.

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Add timer or videos for every step

Choose a portal that you created for myself.
Click on the step, start timer and dance.
You can add videos of your favorite dancers, tutorials, songs, or any video you want for every step.
You can edit them; you can set up a time range.
You can loop them.
You can put a description if you want.
You can add music and put a specific time range.

Desktop and Mobile illustration

Track your progress

One of the popular games on the planet to see how you change.
Track your progress and finish 100 portals to see how your dance will change.
Portals use the game mechanic “levels and XP.” With every step, you will gain XP.

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

100 dance challenges

Dancers are less motivated when there are no battles, performances, or even people to show dance videos. The world around us is external motivation. The game creates one more reason to dance, and it’s working if you believe in the game.

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Dance is a great tool for developing creativity.
To dance, you don’t need expensive gear,
and dance helps train the mind and body.


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