Hey! My name is Roman, I've discovered
effective and fun way to learn and practice dancing.
Jump into the Portal, I will show you everything.

Free software for dancers is inevitable

Portals Dance makes practice fun & effective,
with a unique and powerful method, the software for dancers,
a dance coach, and a step-by-step learning system.
Tutorials for beginners
Software for dancers
Unique method
Creative coach

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To learn how to freestyle


To become an advance dancer


To achieve a new level as a creative person

You will learn how to create moves
based on concepts

The best way to learn & practice dance

Road To Success In Dance

You will learn how to freestyle
You will learn how to create fun around your practice
You will learn how to create moves
You will create own choreography
You will gain confidence
You will unleash your creativity
You will reach a new level as a creative person
You will understand how to challenge yourself
You will create fun around your daily practice

What makes
the “right system” right?


Stay motivated and track your progress

Track your progress and boost motivation.
By tracking your progress, you are creating a game around your learning process and practice.
You'll learn how to apply game mechanics to daily life.

Develop Creativity and Imagination

Portals use metaphor game mechanics that help to train imagination. Every portal has a unique and fun theme. In life, you dance, and in the portal.... it could be anything...

Frequently asked questions

What dance style I learn in Portals Dance ?

Any style. You will learn how to improvise based on concepts. Dance concepts are the alphabet and the musical notation for dance.  You will learn how to read any dance. Any dance style is a combination of concepts. You can learn any style of dance with fun and excitement using the skills gained from the Portals Dance School

What is gamification, and how it helps me to become a better dancer?

Gamification is an idea to apply game elements and game thinking to any process. By itself, DANCE is a great example of gamification. Dance is the gamification of physical exercise!  Zumba - is the gamification of physical exercise. Yoga is a dance with slow motion and pantomime concepts. A great example of gamification is the language learning app Duolingo. They use points, badges, tournaments, leagues, day streak and other game mechanics.

Portals Dance is similar to Duolingo, whereby we learn how to dance. And there are lots of similarities because dance also is a language. And to learn everything, the key ingredients are repetitions. Portals make repetitions more fun.

Who is Portals Dance for?

Portals Dance for beginners and professionals.

Portals Dance has a unique training method for beginners. You will understand how to read dance, how to improvise and how to grow as a dancer.

Professionals also can learn a lot from unique method and apply it in life. Professionals dancer can organize their training and motivate yourself to get to the new level. There is always a new level in 100 portals ahead.

Professionals can create portals for their students and provide a better and more engaged learning process. For example, you can create a portal with 10 - 20 - 30 steps with your lessons, dance tutorial, tips and tricks, timer for self-training. Portal is a great tool for pushing students forward.

Easy to start and have fun

We don’t dance moves, we always dance ideas. We think about time and then play with this concept and create moves based on this idea.
I learned how to dance from 0 to my own choreography without copying other people’s choreography.
Try this gamified dance practice. We are going to develop imagination and creativity.
The first step to have success in dance is to learn how to dance concepts.